Binary MLM with Recharge Demo

Before proceding demo please have a look on plan.

About Joining & Product

  • Joining on multiple Products
  • Commision on the products
  • Bv Matching(Left BV &Right BV).

Basic Plan

  • Only 5 Members can join on first level of that member.
  • Admin can set levelwise commission structure.
  • Commission structure is levelwise.
  • Commission distribution upto 10 level.
  • Payout can be drawn monthly.
  • Daily report provided.
  • Chating between admin,member & franchisee is possible.

Terms & Conditions

  • With 1 PAN card only 3 registrations can possible.
  • 10% TDS will deduct from bonus with PAN
  • 20% TDS will deduct from bonus without PAN
  • 7% Admi chanrges will deduct fron bonus