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What is MLM?

In Simple words MLM is Multi Level Marketing. MLM is a very effective way of Network Marketing and selling since over 80 years. Many companies are still using this Business model to Market their products or services. MLM business is a good chain system of direct selling, where the salesperson or agent earns some money as commission on a sale. In a MLM Business model or in any MLM Plan, a Salesperson can refer or sponsor two or more sales people, under him, to sell for the parent company. And on every sale made by these new members he receives some additional commission Multi Level Marketing Business is well known for the potential commissions from the sales and additional commissions on sales made by other sales persons under one’s position or level. Hence the MLM business comes with several MLM plans and various compensation plans. Some plans are very simple whereas some are extremely complicated and have different percentage of commission. And different benefits are applicable on different conditions or levels. Some very common MLM plans are Binary MLM Plan, Generation MLM Plan, Single-leg MLM Plan, Level Binary MLM Plan, Matrix MLM Plan, Repurchase MLM Plan, E-commerce & Online shopping based MLM Plan Investment & ROI based MLM Plan, Cryptocurrency based MLM Plan Helping - Donation Plan, and many others.

A MLM company or business person can decide the compensation or commission levels and can customize a MLM Business plan or model as per his requirement.


Time Freedom :

  • You can work at any time as per your schedule and convenience. There are no fixed working hours. You are your own boss to fix your work hours or plan your work schedule.

No financial burden/ challenges :

  • To work with a MLM business actively and start receiving commissions, you need not to work full time or leave your current job. You can work in your free time and can get a good income. Alternatively, you receive a partial commission on the sales made by the other members, who joined with your reference or under your level in the chain. Thus you can get a good extra income with little efforts and get rid-off your financial burden or challenges.

Multiple stream of income:

  • There are many mlm companies selling various products with various mlm plans. If you are capable to sell various products at a time you can deal with 2 or more mlm companies at a time and generate multiple incomes.

Providing income opportunities to others:

  • As in Multi Level Marketing, you can refer or sponsor a person to the company. And the person is allowed to sell the product of the company with proper rights. On making a sale he will get a commission. This way you can create a income opportunity for a person and help him to earn some extra money.

Providing income opportunities to others:

  • Get your Software Developed by IT Experts

Mobility and flexibility:

  • Multi-level marketing or MLM Business allows a person to earn a passive income. One can continue with his or her own job and smoothly carry out this kind of marketing.
  • One can start earning through MLM business by working part time or in a free time, without affecting his office hours or study schedule. You are your own boss in MLM business and work according your schedule.
  • The rate of business growth can be exponential if smartly managed when it comes to multi-level marketing. There are few businesses in the world which can give one the opportunity to scale up so fast.
  • This form of marketing has a very low start-up cost in fact negligible when compared with other forms of marketing and doing business.
  • Once you have created a sizeable down chain and have climbed few notches up in the hierarchy, you can earn a good remuneration from multi-level marketing without doing much work.
  • There is not much cost that you will have to incur while training your down chain. This makes it easy to create a down chain and increase your business.
And many more…

If you have a good communication skills and large group of friends then you can easily overcome these problems with a help of professional MLM Software Development Company, who can provide you a accurate MLM Software as per your MLM Plan, Provide you proper Consultation about various MLM Plans in the MLM Industry and gives you a good support. Over a decade, we are providing our best MLM Software Development Service & Support in all over Maharashtra, Karnataka & Goa region, including some parts of Gujrat, Delhi, Punjab, Madhya-Pradesh.

We are experts in developing:

Binary Plan MLM Software

Generation Plan MLM Software

Single-leg Plan MLM Software

Level Binary Plan MLM Software

Matrix Plan MLM Software

Repurchase Plan MLM Software

E-commerce & Online shopping based Plan MLM Software

Investment & ROI based Plan MLM Software

Cryptocurrency based Plan MLM Software

Helping - Donation Plan MLM Software

And developing customized MLM Software as per your plan and requirements. To know more about us or to discuss in detail please call us